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As a registered buyer with Fearnalls we will aim to match you with suitable properties that meet your requirements and inform you of them on the very first day of marketing!

Just let us know which areas you are looking for and the type of property and range of accommodation you require.

One important factor to remember is that all Fearnalls properties are marketed by serious sellers who have paid an initial set-up administration fee in order to bring their property to the market. This helps us reduce fall-throughs by trying to only deal with genuine sellers who are motivated to sell. There is nothing worse than finding the home of your dreams only to have the seller change their mind.

In addition to property searches and alerts we also provide conveyancing quotes via our approved and vetted panel of solicitors, who all work on a ‘no move, no fee’ basis. Our recommended mortgage consultants offer truly independent advice with regards to all aspects of property finance and we have a superb network of surveyors, architects and builders who can help with any specialist advice you may need.

When viewing any of our properties please do not be surprised to be asked to remove your shoes or wear protective show covers. We like to treat our client’s homes with care and respect and we’re pretty sure that nobody would like to come home to a new footprint on the carpet.