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As a Tenant living in a property managed by Fearnalls we will always treat you with respect and consideration. We will deal with enquiries and problems within twenty-four hours and provide regular updates with on-going events and issues.

Just let us know which areas you are looking and the type of property and range of accommodation you require as well as your monthly rental budget.

All of the properties that we manage or let are fully compliant with the required legislation and all deposits are registered in a secure scheme – the DPS.

What we need from our tenants:

  • Employment Status
  • Financial Referencing
  • Anti-Money Laundering Verification & Identification


When viewing any of our properties please do not be surprised to be asked to remove your shoes or wear protective show covers. We like to treat our clients’ homes with care and respect and we’re pretty sure that nobody would like to come home to a new footprint on the carpet.